How Do You Measure Data?

Internet users today such as entrepreneurs use several devices to access their favourite sites and networking channels. These consumers interact in so many ways with anything and might even stumble upon your business. When you have a blogging support and system that you utilize in Empower Network, this information is highly important especially when you want to know who among your visitors have visited you from their mobile devices or their desktop.

Information like these when collected over time means you can customize your marketing campaigns and even plan your website’s future  content. Curating data will help you target your audience the most on where they are currently active. This method, my friends, will achieve efficacy in advertising, marketing, converting leads and users maximizing your product.

How do you measure data then?  

You will find incredulous opportunities in collecting data but you also need tools that will take care of the challenges of curating hashed data swimming all over the internet. Here are my top 5 Analytics Tools that are part of my Internet Marketing tips that you can also use reading data:


Analyze Blog Empower Network

This is a free, open source web stats solution that is also available as a WordPress plugin. If you have used Google Analytics in the past, you might be familiar with its interface as it also offers the same navigation pane yet rich in features. It tracks goals, offers separate stats filtered by any factor you want, heatmaps and mouse-tracking!



Oggy is fairly new to me but after testing it out, I have grown to love it. It can track multiple websites and the navigation is quite handy. You can track all your blogs (hey, I have Empower Network blogs and might even have more) in one Dashboard. Oggy saves time and effort by simply giving you one access in one login account.





Track your visitors’ movements and behaviour in your website and study them as they change over time. Track their patterns and see the most referrals of them, the returning ones and the newly acquired ones. With its Timeline View of visitor activity, you can already understand the report made by Kissmetrics.  It is only free for 30 days.

#Top 2. CLICKY


Clicky’s interface takes a while to get used to. You might have mixed feelings about it but eventually you will realize its merits. The Dashboard will automatically show you data that you need. You can also filter your search to the most categorized filter there is – visitors in United States using iPhone 5 could be segmented! Find you best converting traffic is from and optimize it. My favourite part about Clicky is that you can set up marketing campaigns and check on trends in your social channels. If you want to find out what your Twitter followers are talking about now, you can easily track it at Clicky.

#1. Google Analytics


Free – full of resources and also in real time – Google Analytics still tops the list. There are endless amounts of data you can study and research from monitoring referring sites, popular pages, visitor behavior, and traffic sources.

Have you found the perfect tool for you to measure your data? Drop a comment below!

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