“You’re either going to build your dream or someone else’s, so you might as well build your own” (Christopher La Brec)

How To Make Extra Money | Empower Network by the 7FigureSurfer

Practically everyone has spent time daydreaming of becoming one of those overnight millionaires. It isn’t part of the American dream to get rich and make easy money anymore since it globally affects all nations. While there is no such thing a free lunch, making real money takes time and effort. If you are doing something legitimate that makes extra money to supplement your regular income without breaking your back, then there is nothing wrong with it.

How To Make Extra Money | Empower Network by the 7FigureSurfer

Have you thought about moonlighting in some other ways and ended up with money to show for it? Here are some alternative ways to make extra money in less than 4 days:

Direct Selling. Direct sellers use individual people to sell their products instead of using traditional retail. The direct seller makes sales when they purchase products at wholesale prices and retain the profit from the retail price. If you want to become one, only sign up with programs that do not require outstanding startup fees.

Become A Mystery Shopper. A market research company hire mystery shopper to report on their experiences on things like how they shopped at the company, how the staff treated them and the overall ambience of the facility. Mystery shoppers are paid for their time and their shopping money is always taken care of by the market research company.

Be an artist and sell designs. Do you have creative tendencies but you do not know how to utilise them? Sites like Zazzle, Shutterstock, or Etsy are transforming the face of art nowadays. If you are a graphic artist, create art and sell them online. You can even chat with the owners of the website and have them carry your designs. If we invest the effort necessary to actually build, create, or produce these market tangible items, we can sell them easily on the internet, through places like eBay.

Blog. The Empower Network Australia encourages freelancers and business-minded individual to try out the Empower Network platform and write for a living. Since then, there are a lot of Australians in Empower Network that are thriving from this business. You’re already spending a ton of time on your blog or Web site. Why not earn some money from all your labor?

It is quite understandable that so many people nowadays are thinking of ways to make extra money. If being your own boss appeals to you, then perhaps these suggestions can certainly pave that way off to a good start for you.


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