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About Me

I am a fun loving surfer.

I was born to surf and have done so since I was big enough to go out with my dad on his board. Mum said by the age of three, she had to keep an eye on me down the beach. If she looked away for a second, I’d be making a run for the water and into the shore breaks which can be very rough but I’d wash up with the wave laughing and thinking It was the best thing ever.

In school, they told me I would amount to nothing and I would either be a pro surfer or living on government pay outs. I always knew I would be a pro surfer but I didn’t like the idea of being broke. At the age of 14, I left school and became a mechanical plumber.

After my 18th birthday, I was already a fully qualified plumber—a pipe fitter yet I always had the time off to compete in surfcompetition all over the world.

I have always been really good with money. I bought my first house as soon as I turned 18 and then bought another as soon as the bank said I could have another one.

So life was looking pretty sweet for me! Until just before my 21st birthday, I was given the news that I had Leukemia.

The doctors picked it up very late and didn’t know why I hadn’t shown symptoms before this time. I don’t think I quite understood what was going on but my dad went in to see the doctor and the doctor told him I had 3 months to live and in that case, there was no point in giving me treatments. I should enjoy the time I had left.

Dad told the doctor, “You don’t know my son. We will go ahead with whatever treatment my son needed and If anyone mentions to him about only having 3 months to live that he would come and blow the hospital up.” Lol (I don’t think he would ha-ha).

Dad knew how headstrong I was and knew it even more than me. All he ever did was make me focus on what I was going to do after the treatment was over. All I wanted to do was surf.

The worst 2-3 years of my life began. Not once did I ever think it could be the end. After the worst time and the most painful time anyone would ever go through, I certainly defied all the odds. Now, I’m still standing and back surfing.

The point of what I’m trying to make is that no matter what people may tell you or what you believe –if you can see the end result, don’t worry about the rest. If you can see the end result so clearly and your mind is so convinced that it is the only time, then no matter what your goal is—it will happen.

Your mind is an amazing tool and only your mind is holding you back from living the life you know you deserve. I am living proof that if you believe and focus on what you want everything else just falls into place.

I have gone from a plumber to working full time doing online marketing and earning over $132,313.23 in less than 7 months working with my good mate Matt Lloyd.

Yes, I didn’t become a pro surfer, But if I hadn’t got sick I would be on a different path and wouldn’t have met the girl of my dreams. Now I get to go surfing anytime I want, wherever I want and even getting paid to do it, that’s where I got the name “7 Figure Surfer”

The only thing stopping you from working with me is your own thoughts. Stop worrying about what can go wrong and start getting excited about everything that will become If you just take the easiest step of your life! For you!