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Setting Up Your Facebook Account Overview

Setting Up a Facebook Page - Brand

How to create a local business facebook page

Setting up Facebook manager part 1

Setting up Facebook Pixel

Installing Facebook Pixel

Creating A Custom Audience - List

Creating A Custom Audience - Video

Creating A Custom Audience - Engagement

Creating Look A Like Audience (LLA)

Bonus: What is the Facebook Pixel (In-depth)

Bonus: How to install the Facebook Pixel Helper so you can check if the Facebook Pixel is Installed

Facebook Ad Basics Overview

Facebook Ad Lingo

Guide to creating compliant facebook ads

Campaign Structure

Adding Other Users To Your Facebook Page

Adding Someone to your Facebook Business Manager

Setting Up Billing In FB Manager

Planning Your Ads Overview


Audience Research

Competition Research

10 Part Ad Structure

Using Canva to create Facebook ads

Creating Different Types of Facebook Ad Campaigns

Creating A Video Campaign

Creating Different Types of Facebook Ad Campaigns

Creating An Engagement (to those likes)

Creating A like campaign

Event campaigns

Creating a Lead campaign

Creating A Message campaign

Creating a Traffic Campaign

Creating a Conversions campaign

Create a Look-a-like campaign

Create a Retargeting Campiagn

Creating a Retargeting Campaign (advanced)

Campaign Optimisation Overview

Optimisation Strategies

Thank you

Module 1

Overview and Getting Started

Module 3

Research and Campaigns

Module 4

Different Type of Campaigns

Module 5


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