Betcha By Bali – Wow!

bali indonesia like an Empower Network boss

What they said about Bali was true and I cannot believe it took me months to visit Indonesia’s best kept secret. Since Julia Roberts visited the country in her Eat, Pray, Love movie, people began being curious about this tiny island in Indonesia that is as remote as those pesky cavities that we never seem to find.

bali indonesia like an Empower Network boss

But lovely – uber lovely is Bali.

(photo from the internet)

The remote island had little to absolutely terrible internet service which I could pretty much understand considering people go there to unwind, escape and break away from the whatever caucus people might need to give themselves a break from.

It was a well-earned week long holiday, I might say. On an island known for its excellent surf breaks like Playgrounds, Lacerations and Shipwrecks, and snorkeling and scuba diving in crystal clear waters, or fishing & a very relaxed lifestyle, Bali is simply no destination like it. If only I had more time I would have broken into a run and surfed that famous cloud nine!

Though the team loved the holistic escape in Asia, I couldn’t wait to get back and flex my renewed marketing muscles and join everyone once again in our road to financial freedom!

While I was away, I moved up to 42nd out

of 100,000 in the entire Empower Network …. 

….   and made $3,500.

Almost a year ago I didn’t know anything could be that possible and I personally want you and everyone else to experience it firsthand.


The road to financial freedom isn’t all rainbows and paved roads to some. We have had our ups and downs but Empower Network continues to be the strongest pillar that keeps us all together – become one family with us and earn more than what you usually can in a week’s worth. Now I am in the top 50 of the top earners in the entire Empower Network Australia and family and making more working at home or elsewhere in the world than as I did as a plumber who works 50-60 hours a week.

Keep posted as I can’t wait to regal you stories of our trip in Chicago for the Empower Network event.

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Win Your Own Personal Lottery

When was the last time you wished you win the lottery? How many times have you tried signing up and subscribing to those local sweepstakes? Nearly hundreds of millions of people all over the world queue in those lottery stalls, liquor stores, and convenience stores and leave it with super high hopes and fervent prayers of hitting at least one bonus.

How much do they usually spend?

Hundreds. Thousands. Cents. Every penny and money given away to buy the lottery ticket is super charged with hope that they can bring home the golden purse.

Out of the millions who bought tickets and joined – who among them made it?

lottery win empower network scott smith

There is a probability that only 4 people made $1 out of the lottery ticket they bought. Others might be lucky and brought home a 3-figure purse. The rest did not even bring home a single dime and they largely represent the 99% of people who did not win anything at the lottery.

What a complete waste of time and money. This game of chance is a hit and miss episode where not everyone can afford the losses of a miss and would rather sell an arm and leg for a hit. Here in Empower Network, we only play the game of odds and the best part about playing it is that YOU have control.

Would you rather have your own business, your own income and your own life than queue at long lines at the lottery stalls and hope for the best?

See how I got out of that nightmare

Start owning your own game where you are in full control of the outcome and decide also your unlimited income. Become your own boss and join our team that is working together to support one’s path to becoming the top earners in this industry.

This will be your ticket to winning the lottery – with only $25 to start with, your income will be unlimited. This rocket ship will keep on paying people for a very long time. Start compounding your earnings as early as now! This is probably the best thing to winning the lottery anytime.

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Capture Your Audience

Online marketing is very tricky. In my months of experience with Empower Network and online marketing in general, readers are getting smarter now. The onset of spam, free viruses and other online fanfare makes readers wary and cautious. They now need more than a tiny quip or a witty quote to get them hooked.


Empower Network’s 3CS of Marketing has proven that what you need to say should make your readers stay. The second “C” of marketing, which is to capture audience, should teach us how to not just place our audience in pegs but also how to grow their number more.

Using the Empower Network Australia as our example, let us identify our target audience.

The answer should be: people who are online, people who need the motivation to earn more money, people who wanted to know how to make more money, and people who are open-minded and are willing to learn new ways of making extra money. Customizing your content to a small but niche and targeted audience is more effective than reaching out to the online masses.

Research tells us that the average number of seconds of a visitors’ attention span online is eight. Within those precious 8 seconds, you must already capture their decision-making prowess and those first few seconds can really make a huge difference. Today’s generation that is born and raised with technology deeply developed during their formative years will always have a constant demand for increasingly interesting stimuli. To be able to grab and keep their attention on any content you employ, there are several factors to consider.


Do a quick review of your website, blog or business page. Is the content sufficient and compelling for your readers to make them hit page 2? Is your page easier to navigate, organized and void of complicated buttons or slideshows? Does your website load right away? Do your products match what they are they searching online? Does your content mean something to you?


Don’t let your system, processes and business confuse your audience and produce question marks after the eight seconds has passed. A reader’s bad or good experience can certainly impact their impression with you and what you have to offer. Form relationships, engage with your readers, solve questions and deliver the right message.

Try to become an expert in capturing your audience and at the same time remain competitive among the millions of blogs out there. Learn the discrepancies then adapt. There is always room for improvement in the writing and blogging industry.


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Why We Should Follow the 3Cs in Empower Network Marketing

3cs in Empower Network Marketing Australia by Scott Smith

A lot of people do not practice this but in order to organize your online marketing, you need to follow a certain principle that has been tried and tested for ages that it has become a secret weapon to them to attain success. Empower Network Australia does offer a variety of marketing products that help you achieve such feat but the gold mine here are the 3cs of Marketing in the Empower Network.

The Empower Network’s 3Cs of Marketing are to Create traffic, Capture Leads and Convert Sales. This means that by assimilating the three 3cs, online marketers will become masters of the marketing universe. The 3Cs has become the ultimate key to making more money online with ease that I would highly recommend everyone to look into this guide, study and then exercise it.

Create traffic. When Empower Network provides you the tools to get started with your online marketing business, you set up your own cyberspace called a blog. How will visitors know you have your own small nook in the huge online world?


Make noise. Create compelling content. Turn your ideas into words and sentences and publish them in your blog. Send email blasts. Promote your new posts online and encourage sharing among networks. Let your readers and audience be overwhelmed with your creativity and wit that they cannot wait to share this to their friends.

Capture. Now that you have your audience hooked and anticipating your next brilliant story, collect their information and maximize that valuable database. Seize the moment when they are subscribing to you and never let them miss the opportunity to stay updated. After you have curated your leads, this will bring us to the final C.

Convert. Letting that valuable database squat in your system is useless if you do not know how to maximize their value. Find out what your audience needs and provide them that information. Offer your business and services and let them understand how beneficial it is to them. Get them to buy, try, and accept your business without shoving it to them haphazardly.

 3cs in Empower Network Marketing Australia by Scott Smith

To manage the 3cs, you must have the following: content, curate then clients. Now isn’t this simple and unfussy? Marketing isn’t a hard and you do not need a huge budget to shell out just to collect leads and information. Empower Network makes certain you get all the necessary training to achieve all these and more.

Now which C in Marketing is more doable to you? Talk to us or better, watch this Empower Networking video if you want to get more information on Empower Network here.

Why Own A Business Than A Job

One short term solution to a lifelong problem is to be employed. Risking not having a job could be a fatal mistake. Financial struggles will outpace your paycheck and these jobs were designed to make you dependent on them – for life.

An employee is bound with a contract with his employer which makes security an attractive element to employment. Income is always guaranteed until many employers subject their employees to restructuring, downsizing and retrenching which led these employees to consider if It is better to run their own business or be employed at all.

Both roads have pros and cons and not every choice is always the right for everyone. Employment vs. owning your own business sn’t a formulaic decision that comes out the same for everyone. But let me let you in  on  a secret – why owning a business such as a  business network in Australia is better than being employed.worker and businessman

You Live The Dream. Because you do not have to implement other people’s dreams and goals, you get to live it. When you run your own business, you get to fully carry out your dream. You are free to utilise your unique gifts and talents when you have no one to supervise your every move. Being employed in your own business makes you capable of doing what you are passionate about.

You are in control. This is definitely one of the biggest attractions of business But while you will have the power to set your own hours and style of working, you’ll find yourself working much harder, and longer, than you did for someone else.

By being the boss, you create a balance in your life. Got an appointment at the dentist? Forgot the groceries? You can pretty much do all of those and still carry on with your workload. Not only will you not have someone to consult to when you need to take a break but also you can create more time for those you love most and do activities you enjoy. Balancing work and life is a healthy activity and when you run your own business instead of being employed, you are able to prioritize them.

Everything you do is a learning experience. There are no mistakes but only lessons. Learning all of that makes you become a better entrepreneur and may even pass on that lesson to others.

The rewards are overwhelming. Just establish a goal and when you are going to achieve it. Success means you also encourage others to do the same.  

If you’re looking for an honest, ethical and legitimate way to generate a full time income from home, join us! I am sure you’ve never thought of asking yourself that question. Don’t wait till that time to find out, it would be too late then; now is the best time to start.  Start now here.

Questions to Ask Before Becoming Your Own Boss

Entrepreneurs from the Empower Network Australia or any other business are not born. Some do not have the knowledge for basic business ins and outs nor a predisposition for running a business initially. Over time and experience, an ideal businessperson’s entrepreneurship develops and cultivates but the path to that revelation is quite shaky. Businessmen who are already there also undergo the questioning road. Ask yourself these questions. It is important to be brutally honest to yourself.

Am I Organized?
Am I self-motivated?
Am I resilient?

How your business plans to make money
Why your business will be successful

What the management structures are
What is my marketing plan?
What is my business?
What business is right for me?
What are my lifestyle goals?
What am I building?
What is the promise I am making to my customers/clients and to myself?
What are my objectives, strategies and action plans (steps) to achieve my goals?

Do I have the correct attitude?
Do I Have Strong Opinions?
QuestionsDo I have financial forecasts for my future income?
Do I have the necessary business skills?
Do you take calculated risks by making well-researched decisions?
Do you approach problems logically while applying your intuition and experience?
Do you have good interpersonal skills?
Do you view failure as a learning experience that can be built upon?
Do the idea of quitting my current 9-5 job and starting your own business sound like a dream come true?
Do I know how to work well with others?

Having your own business can be very rewarding especially working from home opportunities. As long as you plan your goals meticulously, you can certainly answer those questions above. Many people wish they never had a boss but one reason why they need one is in order to get the job done – and now, they look up to you – the new boss.

Are you now ready to become your own boss and work from home in Australia? Watch this short video and perhaps learn the first step on becoming one.

6 Reasons Why Being Your Own Boss is Cooler

When I was 14, I left school and was already getting paid to work. Eventually I knew I had to hit the ground running and figure out a way to turn one dream that everyone has probably had in his or her life – become his or her own boss.

bossTurns out I didn’t have to wait long.

If you want to be your own boss, and with the right planning on your part, you will be closer to your dream that you ever thought you would.

Being an entrepreneur is no piece of cake and although uncertainties, hardships and a lot of emotional psyche might come your way, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Perhaps a 7-figure check with your name on it could be one precursor to getting off that corporate chair and declaring emancipation from your old job. But let me tell you why I wanted to become my own boss and plunge into entrepreneurship —

1. What Monday blues? If you work at your own time in your pace, Mondays will definitely suck less. You can even enjoy your Sunday night without worrying about getting up at 7am the next day. This is “passion for the enterprise” in its best form. Work becomes more fun.

2. What dress code? Remember that crappy rule where you cannot wear your favorite cargo shorts? You can absolutely sleep on it and no one will care.

3. What limitations? The creative freedom of being your own boss does not just give you control over decisions and designs but also have the exhilaration of watching something grow that came out from your own pure creativity.

4. What is boring? Running your own business is more exhilarating than being stuck in your cubicle and running over other people’s reports. You are not the cog in the machine – you are actually the brains behind it. The success lie in your shoulders and whether the pressure could add to the burden or not, your plans will make a difference in your endeavors – failed or not.

5. What is not stable? The economy, although it fluctuates, is one factor to consider when employees worry about the company cost cutting or laying off their staff. Nowadays, there are hardly corporate lifetime guarantees anymore so being your own boss means getting fired will be a thing of the past.

6. What I-cannot-go-golfing-because-I-have-reports? Reports show that some entrepreneurs choose to become their own bosses solely for the reason that they wanted to pursue other hobbies and interests. You can give a call to your friend who has always been inviting you to go golfing or surfing but you can never have the time to say yes to.

Plan On Becoming Your Own Boss

So you’ve decided to leave your job and become your own boss. Working on your own hours and in clothes you’ve worn last night and having your own free brewed coffee sounds like a dream come true. Now what?

You know that the rewards are great albeit better yet the work is equally the same. How do you plan this career move?

EXAMINE YOUR FINANCES. Planning entails mapping out your business plan with the right finances to back you up with.CartoonPlanB

STABILITY AND DISCIPLINE CHECK. This is not just about checking whether you are emotionally ready to be on your own and become your own boss. This is also about looking behind you and realizing that you have a support system ready to back you up.

NETWORK AND SOCIALIZE. Talk with friends, colleagues or business leaders about their experience in starting a business. Never burn bridges. Keep those contacts you thought you weren’t ever going to reach out to them and consider keeping them on file. You can never tell when you might run into them in the future especially when can relate to your new line of work or business.

BE RESOURCEFUL. Take advantage of community resources, such as local educational institutions, state or county economic development agencies and the chamber of commerce. Review, advise and organise insurances that you will require to protect your business and yourself.

TRANSITION IS KEY. As you build your business, you need to train staff who are going to be replacing you with and also train the staff you are going to be working with in the future. When you have been in the corporate world all your life, try to incorporate the work-at-home surroundings in your daily routine. Perhaps devote a small corner in the house as your mini office or cube. The next day, decorate it with filing cabinets and organize files like how you would in your previous cubicle. If you can, ask your boss if you can start working part-time until you can finally transition at ease to your new working nook at home.

The best part about leaving the corporate, setting out on your own and becoming your own employer is that the more you will eventually put more effort into it, the more you will transition into it effortlessly. Take off some of the pressure and understand that it will not be an easy feat especially when you have an employer who wouldn’t understand why you have to take some time off work and fill in less hours than usual.

Figure out the best time to quit and start from there. Understand the rewards. Who knows – you might be the best boss you have ever worked for in your life!

Work from Home

Reasons to Work from Home


Not many people would imagine their dream job could be in the setting of their own home. A vast majority of the population is conditioned to get a job, corporate or otherwise, in a facility or establishment outside the home because home and work are suppose to be two separate elements in a person’s life. But times are changing, these days the two elements are quickly and effortlessly becoming one in the same for many individuals. It may be the sign of the times, or maybe people are just getting smarter, more capable and more efficient realizing that they don’t need to be stuck in an office 8 hours a day to make a good living.

Thanks to technology and the advances of the internet, making money from home is more possible now than ever before. More and more people are making the switch from office life to home life and have never been more satisfied with their decision to do so. Below are just some good reasons why anyone would be compelled to make such a life changing decision to work from home.

1) Cut cost on commuting and traveling. Not only do you save money from not taking the bus, the train or a taxi to work, but you can also lessen your carbon footprint by staying home to work. Also, with the rise of gasoline prices you’ll save even more money by not having to frequently fill up your tank.

2) Many individuals find that working from home is less stressful and provides a more relaxing environment. Being comfortable in your own work setting has great long term effects on your mental, emotional and physical health.

3) With the time you save from not driving to and fro, commuting from here to there, and sitting for hours in bumper to bumper traffic, you have more quality time to spend doing the things you like with the people you care about.

4) Depending on your line of work, you are basically your own boss when you work from home. This means you can schedule your downtime accordingly, take as much vacation time as you want, and attend to personal matters and special occasions as you see fit. And you only have to take orders from yourself which can be quite empowering and liberating at the same time.

5) There are no income ceilings when you work for yourself. The possibilities are endless when you don’t need to compete over raises, promotions and bonuses. Set your own goals, your own income and your own retirement. People who work from home tend to retire earlier and with more expendable finances then those who are stuck in office jobs and other similar institutions.

Maybe after reading some of the reasons mentioned above, you too are also considering the same choice. But before you act on your decision, make sure it’s the best one for you. Working from home isn’t for everyone, but for those whose lives can greatly improve from it there’s never a better time to start then now.

How To Earn Extra Income

work from home | 7 Figure Surfer from Empower Network

Are you currently employed in a dead end job? Do you need extra income to pay off something? Have you suddenly thought about selling your Beatles collection just to get more cash? Perhaps this is the perfect time to consider how to make extra money from home and become your own boss.

Consider a lot of ways to earn additional income. Before you get started, it is time to get creative and find job opportunities that could certainly work well for you – and not for anyone else.

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