What kind of work at home boss in Australia are you?

Work From Home Australia Be Your Own Boss

The meaning of a message is the change which it produces in the image. — Kenneth Boulding

One of the key persons in the workplace who is likely to be unavoidable would always be the boss. Now that you work from home in Australia and are already your own boss – are you the kind of boss you’d like to work for?

Over the years, I’m pretty sure you have had several bosses you have had admired while the others made you not understand why you stayed longer with them in the first place. It may have taken you years to get to where you are now so you already know what kind of bosses are other there.

Work From Home Australia Be Your Own Boss

Are you one of them? What sort of boss will you be?

Top strengths in leadership entail conscientiousness, intelligence, assertiveness and the ability to adapt to any situation. Set an example to your team, pay attention to what your business needs and don’t ignore mistakes. As you work from home in Australia, your team will come to you for support online or offline and helping them grow means being a distant friend and a mentor at the same time. Earn respect and give respect.

Being your own boss is like walking on a tightrope that takes a lot of maturity, focus, understanding and patience to get to the other end. So much understanding is required from your employees’ job description and your understanding of what they do. Communicate more and extend personal consideration when they are necessary. At the end, the only thing that is significant is getting the job and getting it right. Instead of vacillating on the best approach in handling your employee, insulate them from what is wrong and head them in the right direction.

There will always be different kinds of bosses – nice bosses, nasty ones, power-tripping bosses, negative bosses, insensitive ones or the super kind ones. A person who tries hard to be a kind boss and prefers to be liked more than respected might no longer focus on delegating jobs to her employees.

People become leaders because they were made to become leaders – not born. Decide what kind of boss you are going to be. Remember, you are still in charge.

We will talk more in depth on the types and kinds of bosses in the workplace or the bosses who work at home in Australia in my next post. Learn more about becoming your own boss at Empower Network Australia here. Ciao!

Work from Home

Reasons to Work from Home


Not many people would imagine their dream job could be in the setting of their own home. A vast majority of the population is conditioned to get a job, corporate or otherwise, in a facility or establishment outside the home because home and work are suppose to be two separate elements in a person’s life. But times are changing, these days the two elements are quickly and effortlessly becoming one in the same for many individuals. It may be the sign of the times, or maybe people are just getting smarter, more capable and more efficient realizing that they don’t need to be stuck in an office 8 hours a day to make a good living.

Thanks to technology and the advances of the internet, making money from home is more possible now than ever before. More and more people are making the switch from office life to home life and have never been more satisfied with their decision to do so. Below are just some good reasons why anyone would be compelled to make such a life changing decision to work from home.

1) Cut cost on commuting and traveling. Not only do you save money from not taking the bus, the train or a taxi to work, but you can also lessen your carbon footprint by staying home to work. Also, with the rise of gasoline prices you’ll save even more money by not having to frequently fill up your tank.

2) Many individuals find that working from home is less stressful and provides a more relaxing environment. Being comfortable in your own work setting has great long term effects on your mental, emotional and physical health.

3) With the time you save from not driving to and fro, commuting from here to there, and sitting for hours in bumper to bumper traffic, you have more quality time to spend doing the things you like with the people you care about.

4) Depending on your line of work, you are basically your own boss when you work from home. This means you can schedule your downtime accordingly, take as much vacation time as you want, and attend to personal matters and special occasions as you see fit. And you only have to take orders from yourself which can be quite empowering and liberating at the same time.

5) There are no income ceilings when you work for yourself. The possibilities are endless when you don’t need to compete over raises, promotions and bonuses. Set your own goals, your own income and your own retirement. People who work from home tend to retire earlier and with more expendable finances then those who are stuck in office jobs and other similar institutions.

Maybe after reading some of the reasons mentioned above, you too are also considering the same choice. But before you act on your decision, make sure it’s the best one for you. Working from home isn’t for everyone, but for those whose lives can greatly improve from it there’s never a better time to start then now.

Your Creative Freedom When You Are The Boss

Entrepreneurs who do their business seem to work seven days a week, see the measure of their success taking off as early and as fast as they set it up on their own get inspired to do more. These are the brave ones – the bold ones who left their jobs and become their own bosses. From being retirees, downsized executives, plateaued employees, or homemakers, everyone is always searching for more growth opportunities. But really they work smarter not harder.

While others succeed, setting up shop on your own can be risky. Others might be disappointed because these fledging businessmen thought that a little bit of enthusiasm and hard work could pay off their bills. It is not enough and that is not often the result that pans out. Being successful and achieving that certain level of success one wants definitely requires a lot of planning.

You are The Boss copy

It is then important to know why you want to become your own boss in the first place. Has your old boss set an example on what it is like to work on your own time, in your own pace and in your own rules?

Being your own boss means the creative freedom is endless. You make vital decisions about the services you offer to your clientele. When your company and business evolves, you can always make changes to these set of decisions over the years especially if your customers do not respond to them as expected.

What happens if your initial choices, decisions, services and plans no longer interest you? Change them and you get to make all of the big business decisions and directly influence the company’s growth and success.

Working on your own and becoming your own boss also signifies that the creative freedom you have is more extensive compared to working in traditional business structures that employ one or two bosses and that includes deciding how profits are spent.

Which gives you more control over your activities – running your own business or working for someone else? Exercising more responsibilities means you are not obliged to management but rather exercising the freedom to create growth more.

Even if you still answer and service your clientele, you can certainly have more freedom on how to operate the business, serve your customers and create the best market for your company.

Becoming your own CEO is all about taking one idea and turning that impression into reality. You have to think independently. Ring in the possibilities. Calculate risks. Redefine entrepreneurial boundaries.

Going on your own can be hard but the rewards of all this freedom you get can be very much rewarding. Do you have the gung ho and determination to pave your own success road? Do you have a lot of ideas you know you can work with yet time and your employer is holding you back?

The blueprint for being your own boss cannot be reduced to statistics but it is very much determined by the personal and creative mind-set of the person who created his business through innovation, success, hard work and perseverance.

Let Scott help you make that decision now. Let’s talk.

** The Your Creative Freedom When You Are The Boss is first published at the 7FigureSurfer.com blog.