“You’re either going to build your dream or someone else’s, so you might as well build your own” (Christopher La Brec)

When it comes to branding and trying to get your name and business out there, bricks and mortar businesses have discovered the importance of having a website. Entrepreneurs are also following suit and it wouldn’t be long that practically every business and entrepreneur in the future will have his or her own website.

A website and a blog is an online representation of yourself and your business that gives your readers that first impression of your product and service. Everything is going to be critical in the first few seconds of their visit so we have to make certain that a business profile online has the necessary requirements and accessories to market your business.

Analyze, dissect and evaluate your site’s content – Do you update your content often? Is your content substantial enough for others to share it to others? Is your content unique, useful and engaging? Will people want to navigate more around your site after learning how engaging it is to stay there? How often do you add new content? Does your website have content worth reading? Does your content match that of your business goals?

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Meta data. One of the major things that brands your website is the meta title or the data at the top of your browser window that identifies your page’s name. Limited to a specific number of characters that just shows enough information at the first glance, the title should describe the page that the user is looking at.

Look over your shoulder and check out your competition. Open websites of your competition and list down the things that they are saying, writing, posting and publishing. Are they parallel to what you are writing? Try to exceed expectations and be the most engaging site, the most interesting content farm and the most at everything!

Always maintain improvements. Not all websites but not all websites have owners who have the patience to check on what it could do more. Be that person and constantly be on the lookout for something missing in it – do you have call to action banners in your pages? Do your pages show the right sitemap that helps the user navigate other pages in it? Check, check and check. Never leave a shell unturned.

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