“You’re either going to build your dream or someone else’s, so you might as well build your own” (Christopher La Brec)

Everything may be a dream come true to be part of Empower Network lounging in bed in your pajamas, toggling tabs in your laptop and working furiously over your networks while juggling your sandwich and petting your dog at the same time. [Read more reasons to work from home]

You do all this at the comforts of your home while you count all the money you made over the past 24 hours and it is enough to cover your life for a year.

It may not work for some but for others who made it work, this means that they have lived and worked on their Internet Lifestyle to the fullest ON THEIR TERMS. Simple and true. [Read Steps on How to Start Working at Home]


An “Internet Lifestyle” means you get to do WHAT you want, WHEN you want, WITH the people you want. Would this be something that would appeal to you?

We are no longer living in the cliché that having good jobs mean being in an office and working for 9 hours for someone who is profiting more than you. The information age means academic qualifications have their place in this world but not necessarily in all areas and industries. Remember when people say the real education takes place outside academic institutions?

It is right here – in your home, your environment, and circulating within the people, events and news around you. Hence, the debut of you going online and living the Internet Lifestyle means to rise above the fray and create the future that you want.

Living the internet lifestyle means making enough (or more, why not?) to live a comfortable life for you, for your loved ones and your family.



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