“You’re either going to build your dream or someone else’s, so you might as well build your own” (Christopher La Brec)

We have discussed before the savings of work at home entrepreneurs and the list just keeps on growing. It turns out – mom’s who work at home also get to save and do more! When mothers choose the internet lifestyle and decided to become work-at-home moms, there are tips for them to save money to do away with extravagant expenses. They can easily plan and maximize their time with the family this way.

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1. Create Playdates at Home. One of the best part about being a stay at home entrepreneur is the amount of time you can easily spend with your kids. Instead of brining them to the arcade or spend so much at the mall all the time, schedule it to once a week and create activities at home.
2.   Cook Meals at home. Limit going out of the house and spending so much money on restaurants and diners. Be creative and organize meals that they look forward to every day. Monday could be Asian Fusion while Tuesday could be Mexican food. The possibilities are endless!

3.   Invest in museum, pool, zoo or library memberships. Turn playdates into something educational while you capitalize your income on joining these establishments. It will save you money if you like taking the kids regularly to these places. Visit also places that do not require memberships and cost absolutely nothing such as the neighborhood playground and parks.

4.   Visit the bank once a week. Withdraw money every Monday and stretch until your next visit to the ATM – which is a week after.

5.   Clip coupons. Clip and trade coupons and keep the ones that you need. Trade with your girlfriend if you want and swap items that you can use yourself.

Being a work from home mother sometimes means finding new ways to keep the family entertained. If you consider spending a week with the family and the costs it entails, it definitely helps keeping track on significant ways to save money while building your business at home.

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