“You’re either going to build your dream or someone else’s, so you might as well build your own” (Christopher La Brec)

Since the internet is a vital channel in almost every sector and not just constrained to the young, its reach grew in the last three years since 2009. There are a lot of studies in different countries show how the internet and shoppers have succumbed to this new form of retail and progressed to a development not really expected by marketers especially when the factors that contribute its growth are convenience and more choices to the consumer.

But can they stay interested for so long?

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The sheer volume of noise people created online, activities of competitors and well, recession, might be the challenges that marketers are faced with when it comes to advertising online.

Here in Empower Network Australia, we ensure that most of our online marketing campaigns capture a captive audience. Besides the training that we conduct to help our team, here in my 7 Figure Surfer, I also want to help out and perhaps push you to the right track in executing the 3rd C in Marketing – capturing the audience.

Try to keep your customer interested with your business and product. Just because you have already explained to them how your business works does not mean your education stops. They may not buy now but maybe a few weeks from now they will already start whipping out their credit cards. Constantly keep your audience in the loop and they will surely remember you when they finally decide.ListenToMusic

Go for the Big Fish. Focusing your efforts at the bottom of the hierarchy might be easy for you to reach and convert compared to those at the top. But would you rather talk to the “just considering” group than those already at the brand awareness stage?

Employ humor and inject opinions to your business page. Our Empower Network business page is cemented with the significant credo to inform and educate our audience with our system, policies and procedures  on how to get people to be on board. Entertainment is very important to make the user experience fun and engaging. Joke about current events. Tell a funny story about how your day went today. Show an objective comment in your page on recent events. As long as your news has personality, it makes connections to your audience easier and results to repeat visits or best, recommendations to new visitors.

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