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7-Figure Surfer!

How can you create long-term wealth for yourself from the comfort of your own home – regardless of what position you’re in now?

And set yourself and your family up for a secure future?

7-Figure Surfer is your answer.

Learning how you can create long-term, predictable wealth that will bring more success and freedom than you could ever dream, regardless of what position you’re in now, is a powerful thing to master.

Really powerful.

Create The Ultimate Time Freedom In Your Life

7-Figure Surfer is our marketing education and personal development program.

Essentially, an entire online business in a box for you to get started with right away.

We teach you everything you need to market leads, earn commission and build yourself a fully flexible online business… so you can become a fully-fledged Affiliate Marketer!

But, unlike a lot of programs out there, we go one better…

Keep Your Mind Focused With Ongoing Training, Support And Help

During the program you’ll get help with the “offline” to “online” transition and ensure it’s a roaring success!

There is something for everybody to start a business and make money with any budget.

By using 7-Figure Surfer, your mentor will help you set your business perfectly, covering everything from domain names, taxes, social media pages and everything in between…

So you are ready to roll and start generating income and attracting leads sooner, and much more successfully.

Have Us By Your Side During Your Entire Journey

We’ll be there to help you with goal-setting, a laser-focused mindset and adapting to this new journey.

Your new journey can feel like you’re jumping out of a plane with your eyes closed … but think of us like your parachute.

We’re here to make sure you don’t crash and burn. We’ll make sure that you instead fall on your financial feet FOREVER.

But Don’t Take It From Us…

Take it from the people who, just like you, were sitting there umming and ahhing about whether to invest in 7-Figure Surfer.

They made a choice and as you’ll see not one of them regrets it and not one of them is looking back:

Cindy Scott

Hey Scott I wanted to touch base with you & let you know that things have been going amazingly well for me. My mission/purpose has been moving forward at a fast pace & good things are happening!! I am so excited to keep you in the loop because if it weren't for you and Kylie I would never gotten this far! So thank you both so very much!! i love been able to be a part of your group and continuing to move forward, I am so grateful for your help and guidance! May the Lord Bless you in amazing ways!! Much Love!

Ming D.

Thanks, Scott Smith. I was confused earlier when someone asked me to check on another internet marketing business model. Don't like to make a comparison and it's no end to it. Stay focus on the passion and don't get distracted by another business model. Thanks again.

Aida E.

Very inspiring what you presented earlier, will definitely work on it. Thank you...


Thanks, Scott. Without your guidance and friendship mate, I would have stayed floundering. I can't thank you enough. You're a Bloody Legend...

With These Resources You'll Be Able To...

Hey, I’m Scott Smith, and for the last 5 years I’ve been helping people change their lives with my business partner Kylie Chapman.

If you’re sitting there thinking who are these two? Why should I listen to them and what do they have to offer?…

Let me tell you.

I dreamed of travelling the world surfing doing what made my heart beat fast, in places that not even my mind could imagine.

If you’ve ever had a dream like that you’ll know how much hunger you have for it. You’ll also know that being young and ambitious is great, but life gets in the way.

Although my dreams to become a pro surfer were big, the reality of paying bills, eating, and functioning like a normal guy were bigger.

I took up a mechanical plumbing trade to get by and the money was good … but if I could have replaced every spanner I picked up, with a surfboard?

I would have in a heartbeat.

Then, My Life Took A Very Unexpected Turn…

I got diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 21. I was told I had a 3% chance of making the next 6 months alive. I had to put my surfing dreams on hold and focus wholeheartedly on getting better.

I beat it.

But 18 months later it came back and the verdict was even worse. They said no one had ever survived a second bout of Leukemia.

I proved them wrong.

But, life stops for nobody…

I got a really good job in Western Australia, packed my bags and thought – yep this is it – this is the fresh start I need.

Then one day I fell down some stairs, and seriously hurt my shoulder.

I underwent a ton of physio, but the reality was, all the plumbing work I was doing was in the ceilings and roofing of Hospitals.

It was all above my head and my shoulder simply couldn’t do it anymore.

The only thing left to do – as far as I was concerned back then – was work in an office.

The irony isn’t lost on me…

A little box office with a small window was a far cry away from the open ocean and freedom of being a pro surfer.

Life had pushed and shoved me into a corner and for a while I let it.

There I was resigning myself to the fact that the rest of my days were going to be spent in a pokey old office…

…when I realized I needed to sharpen up my computer skills if I was going to do this for real.

Who knew this begrudged search would change my life – and yours if you hear us out – FOREVER.

While I was searching for computer management skills, or something along those lines, an opportunity popped up…

Whether it was out of pure desperation, panic, intrigue, recklessness or a mixture of all 4 I clicked on it.

I gave up my email address and watched a video.

A little like you just did.

It was all about running an online business … it spiked my interest … it promised me a world of fun, freedom, fortune, flexibility and financial security…

I went all in.

And you know what?

I Went From Dissatisfied Plumber To Happier Than Ever Stay At Home Dad In 6 Months!

I’ve been able to spend every single day with my kids from the day they were born … which is incredible.

Kylie, on the other hand, comes from a personal development background.

She’s always had a natural passion for helping people overcome challenges and go on to conquer the world.

Perhaps because she’s had her fair share of challenging situations she’s had to overcome.

Here she is with her beloved boys over 10 years ago when she was newly separated.


At 51 years of age she has overcome numerous challenging life experiences including IVF, multiple miscarriages, postnatal depression, overcoming and living with chronic illness, divorce, being a single parent, financial distress and business failure….

For the best part of her younger years, she was deep in the corporate world working in HR.

Churning Out The 9-5 Like So Many Of Us Do, Thinking She Was On The Right Path

Then her divorce happened around 10 and a half years ago.

She ended up cleaning houses and doing letterbox drops to earn an income.

It was the only option she thought she had at the time, because now a single parent, she had to work in and around the kids’ schedule and was in no fit mental state to get back into the Corporate world.

After one heck of an online journey she has now built 3 businesses and is able to travel the world with her boys.

She has secured herself a really awesome retirement and ensured the boys are going to have the kind of life she’d always dreamed of providing them with ….

But never dreamed possible!

By not making the “online jump” you’re living on borrowed time.

The sooner you get clued up, the sooner you make every area of your life safe, secure, and as a bonus, a roaring success.

No matter what life throws your way, no matter how many spanners it puts in your works, and corners it backs you into …

With the right opportunity at the right time, you can totally reinvent yourself.

If you’ve tried and failed, before with online business or to build your dream life – it doesn’t matter.

What matters is you dusted yourself off, stood back up, and are here today.

Or, if you’ve never even dared look outside the 9-5 box until now, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Just be proud you’ve done it today, to improve your tomorrow.

You just need the right time and the right place to reinvent yourself.

Well, this is it.

All you need to know is, discovering an opportunity just like the one you’re going to learn all about today, means Kylie is now in a position to enjoy the lifestyle many people only dream of.

Just recently she spent a week at a remote eco surf resort in the Fiji Islands with her teenage boys.

Pretty awesome, right?

5 years ago Kylie and I met in Costa Rica during a business event and since that time have remained great friends and collaborated on several initiatives.

Which has led us to where we are now …

With my proven track record in business and Kylie’s ongoing quest to help others in Personal Development …

We have forged the perfect partnership to help people like you achieve your dreams and design your lives.

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