“You’re either going to build your dream or someone else’s, so you might as well build your own” (Christopher La Brec)

A recent article gave me enough ideas to share to you about the benefits of working at home. Apart from the many reasons why we love to work at home, there is another thing that we missed but will truly appreciate not being deducted from our wages – TAXES AND OTHER COSTS!

save work at home

Normally we hardly bring up taxes but how about mentioning the few things that we are going to be free from? There are A LOT of tax advantages and savings to working at home and building your own business.  Do you know when you work at home it also saves you thousands of dollars? Here are the few items that you are going to be free from deductions of or pocket the extra money from:

  1. Commute – People who commute (or drive) usually take 25minutes one way. Add that to your round trip toll fees, parking fees and gas, you can pretty much save all those money every day.
  2. Office Supplies – How many bond paper do you need? Will a printer be required? Need anything to staple, cut or pin? Hardly.
  3. Meals – Daily lunches with officemates and your daily trips to get your Starbucks coffee fix will be a thing of the past. Home cooked meals are also the best — not to mention healthier!
  4. Work Clothes – Working at home means fewer dressier clothes! You wouldn’t be compelled to shell out more just to look corporate. The most taxing thing about leaving home for work is the time spent for dressing up. Maximize that extra time instead to work.
  5. Office Parties and Fundraisers – You know how your officemates make you pay extra for gifts to colleagues you barely even know? There will no annoying officemate to give your hard earned money to!

While working at home is not without the usual start up costs such as paying for utilities, internet subscription and a really good ergonomically built chair, these costs will be and can be defrayed by the savings you pocket every month. Switching from office life to telecommuting, these are the best savings you can possibly enjoy when working at home.

Want to work at home but not sure how to start?
Watch this awesome video on how it all started for me here.


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