6 Reasons Why Being Your Own Boss is Cooler

When I was 14, I left school and was already getting paid to work. Eventually I knew I had to hit the ground running and figure out a way to turn one dream that everyone has probably had in his or her life – become his or her own boss.

bossTurns out I didn’t have to wait long.

If you want to be your own boss, and with the right planning on your part, you will be closer to your dream that you ever thought you would.

Being an entrepreneur is no piece of cake and although uncertainties, hardships and a lot of emotional psyche might come your way, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Perhaps a 7-figure check with your name on it could be one precursor to getting off that corporate chair and declaring emancipation from your old job. But let me tell you why I wanted to become my own boss and plunge into entrepreneurship —

1. What Monday blues? If you work at your own time in your pace, Mondays will definitely suck less. You can even enjoy your Sunday night without worrying about getting up at 7am the next day. This is “passion for the enterprise” in its best form. Work becomes more fun.

2. What dress code? Remember that crappy rule where you cannot wear your favorite cargo shorts? You can absolutely sleep on it and no one will care.

3. What limitations? The creative freedom of being your own boss does not just give you control over decisions and designs but also have the exhilaration of watching something grow that came out from your own pure creativity.

4. What is boring? Running your own business is more exhilarating than being stuck in your cubicle and running over other people’s reports. You are not the cog in the machine – you are actually the brains behind it. The success lie in your shoulders and whether the pressure could add to the burden or not, your plans will make a difference in your endeavors – failed or not.

5. What is not stable? The economy, although it fluctuates, is one factor to consider when employees worry about the company cost cutting or laying off their staff. Nowadays, there are hardly corporate lifetime guarantees anymore so being your own boss means getting fired will be a thing of the past.

6. What I-cannot-go-golfing-because-I-have-reports? Reports show that some entrepreneurs choose to become their own bosses solely for the reason that they wanted to pursue other hobbies and interests. You can give a call to your friend who has always been inviting you to go golfing or surfing but you can never have the time to say yes to.