Betcha By Bali – Wow!

bali indonesia like an Empower Network boss

What they said about Bali was true and I cannot believe it took me months to visit Indonesia’s best kept secret. Since Julia Roberts visited the country in her Eat, Pray, Love movie, people began being curious about this tiny island in Indonesia that is as remote as those pesky cavities that we never seem to find.

bali indonesia like an Empower Network boss

But lovely – uber lovely is Bali.

(photo from the internet)

The remote island had little to absolutely terrible internet service which I could pretty much understand considering people go there to unwind, escape and break away from the whatever caucus people might need to give themselves a break from.

It was a well-earned week long holiday, I might say. On an island known for its excellent surf breaks like Playgrounds, Lacerations and Shipwrecks, and snorkeling and scuba diving in crystal clear waters, or fishing & a very relaxed lifestyle, Bali is simply no destination like it. If only I had more time I would have broken into a run and surfed that famous cloud nine!

Though the team loved the holistic escape in Asia, I couldn’t wait to get back and flex my renewed marketing muscles and join everyone once again in our road to financial freedom!

While I was away, I moved up to 42nd out

of 100,000 in the entire Empower Network …. 

….   and made $3,500.

Almost a year ago I didn’t know anything could be that possible and I personally want you and everyone else to experience it firsthand.


The road to financial freedom isn’t all rainbows and paved roads to some. We have had our ups and downs but Empower Network continues to be the strongest pillar that keeps us all together – become one family with us and earn more than what you usually can in a week’s worth. Now I am in the top 50 of the top earners in the entire Empower Network Australia and family and making more working at home or elsewhere in the world than as I did as a plumber who works 50-60 hours a week.

Keep posted as I can’t wait to regal you stories of our trip in Chicago for the Empower Network event.

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