How To Begin Your Work From Home Career

Back before when we have discussed how working from home is the new era, it seems like we have struck a nerve from our readers both negatively and positively. We cannot help but also have questions from people who are not certain about their future when they work from home and join Empower Network Australia. Fortunately, there are people who are open-minded about the concept of becoming your own boss and building their enterprise while working from home who gave us quite positive feedbacks about it.

Apart from working at home is anyone’s dream, there are so many reasons that I can write on how fun, beneficial and productive working from home is. I couldn’t give more emphasis on its advantages but I also can understand how taking and making the first step to get started is the hardest part.

Start on your skillset. Do you know what kind of work do you want to do? Decide on a career path and start from there. You might have been in the corporate world so much you can’t think of a career to embark on that actually makes YOU the boss. But in reality, your skills should be something you capitalize on. What is the reason that makes your former boss pay you wages every month for? Use that! If you have been writing for the company for years, why not become a freelance writer or set up a firm where you can house writers and have companies pay them for hire per hour. Try WordPress or Blogger and make money off blogging. See how you can do this by watching this video here.

Businessman Stretching While Working on His Laptop

Research, study and train. Leaving your corporate life can be daunting so make sure you have enough ammunition at hand to take the first step out of it. Look up on opportunities and different ways on making money while at home. Say, if you decided to start up a blog and capitalize on it, check out tutorials on making blogs and setting up money-making widgets from affiliates and ads. Apply all these research and train yourself on becoming very good at what you are currently teaching yourself with. Master tests online such as grammar, spelling, writing or typing tests. Get certificates from authorized institutions such as Google if you are into internet and online marketing.

Set up now. Furnish copies of certificates, permits, recommendations and referrals. Allot a small working space at home where you have your computer, internet, and phone all geared up and ready. Create a calendar for tasks you will do in the first 3 months of being a work-from-home employer to garner enough leverage in the playing field.

Now that you have decided that working from home is something you can build your career on, then get started on how to work from home and setting up your home office for your Empower Network business in the process. Hey, it was never easy. Check out how I started here by watching this video.

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How to be more engaging in Twitter

Although social media platforms possess different functions, strengths, weaknesses, advantages and utility, I’ve found that Twitter is the most engaging and real-time of them all. What could be more real-time when every other second your Twitter home feed updates and publishes your followers’ update? They could be from all over the world which makes any timezone look non-existent as it updates all the time. Talk about lasting friendships and contacts, yes?

 Engage Twitter by 7 Figure Surfer Scott Smith2

But how do you sustain that friendship and connection? How do you engage more conversations in Twitter besides being active all the time in it? Watch this video on how I managed to become an online marketer at Empower Network Australia in a span of months here.

Tailored to your interests, Twitter gives tailored suggestions to make timelines interesting and relevant. Tweets, links, media and updates from people you found interesting are going to be the ones that are going to fill up your news feed. Easy and fast, tweets or followers give you more suggestions that are tailored to who you should be following according to your interests.

Engage Twitter by 7 Figure Surfer Scott Smith copy

Make your tweets short and succinct. Get your point across with 140 characters or less. Use URL shorteners if you need to publish a link and still can talk more.

Schedule tweets and do not spam your followers. Fifteen tweets a day in a span of 5 hours is acceptable compared to 15 tweets in one hour. Be consistent and pace.

Ask questions. Answer some. Other users are also soliciting for advice. Give them. Reply to questions more.

Hashtags (#) are extremely helpful. Your tweet, news and even profile can be easily searchable.

Retweet if you can. Quoting is better. It makes you look less lazy and the user will appreciate you sending in your comments and feedback. Twitter is less lonely if you try to engage in conversations with your followers. Be generous and help others by promoting their tweets. Good karma for you then.

Find users from online marketing organizations that you are in or industries that you have signed up for. Find a niche and encourage discussions with users that share your common interests.

Monitor trends and find out what people are talking about now. Debate, argue, give opinions and it will definitely spark a conversation. Be the first to always break the news. Always stay on top of things.

How much time do you devote to your tweeting? Do you find yourself answering to @Mentions more or basically just typing away status update after status update without even considering your audience? Remember, you are what you tweet! In the beginning, don’t be put off if you don’t have followers yet or mentions. With a little effort and time, you’ll soon be able to use Twitter better.

* How To Be More Engaging in Twitter blogpost is first published at the 7 Figure Surfer blog. Follow me here  @Number1Income.

Jumpstart Your Own Self-Hosted Blog

Empower Network or Create Your Own Blog

We have dedicated this page to help our readers and followers on building their own brands and pages online. Eventually, if you are a member of Empower Network, you might also want to have an asset of your own – a page and blog that you can create and claim as your own brand.

Now we are going to create your own self-hosted blog and start safeguarding your blogs and content for the long haul. Position yourself at the top of your own niche and give your readers a different YOU.

We have dedicated this page to help our readers and followers on building their own brands and pages online. Eventually, if you are a member of Empower Network, you might also want to have an asset of your own – a page and blog that you can create and claim as your own brand.

Empower Network or Create Your Own Blog

Now we are going to create your own self-hosted blog and start safeguarding your blogs and content for the long haul. Position yourself at the top of your own niche and give your readers a different YOU. How to begin?

Brand Name and Domain. Have you decided on a name to use online? You can use if its available or perhaps a nickname that you wanted to be known for. I’ve used because it stands for me helping out everyone to be come 7 figure earners. The surfing part is what I do in between! Remember, once you decided on brand name, it would be hard to switch to something else or your followers will get confused. Seeking and deciding on your brand and domain URL is the hardest part of setting up your own site – its final and it sticks.

Hosting and Domain. Search for a hosting domain that has had several reviews on satisfied customers.  They usually give more discounts when you purchase a hosting plan for more than 1 year. For example, buying a hosting plan that will cost you $8/month for a year is more expensive than buying a hosting plan that will cost you $3/month for a year for 3 years.

Hosting plans already include a free domain for two years the most. Don’t get confused between hosting plan and domain. You can buy a domain anywhere and register for a but you need a hosting plan to “host” or cater all your files and content that you are going to be publishing online. A domain cannot stand alone without a hosting plan.

WordPress, Blogger or Joomla. Now that you have your and is now hosted, you will have another choice to make – will you build your website from scratch or install it using WordPress or Blogger (there are others but I’ve just listed the major two)?

My blog is hosted with WordPress and notwithstanding its functionality and form, WordPress seems to be the best content management system online. Blogger, on the other hand, lacks the necessary plugins or functionalities that can make your blogging life easy. [Watch out soon for an in-depth tutorial on setting up WordPress]

Blog. Start putting and publishing content on your blog. Try posting everyday if schedule permits or at least three (3) times a day. Read about more blogging content here.

Now that you have your blog set up and ready – it is time to optimize and customize it! More of this soon!



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Do You Want The Internet Lifestyle?

Everything may be a dream come true to be part of Empower Network lounging in bed in your pajamas, toggling tabs in your laptop and working furiously over your networks while juggling your sandwich and petting your dog at the same time. [Read more reasons to work from home]

You do all this at the comforts of your home while you count all the money you made over the past 24 hours and it is enough to cover your life for a year.

It may not work for some but for others who made it work, this means that they have lived and worked on their Internet Lifestyle to the fullest ON THEIR TERMS. Simple and true. [Read Steps on How to Start Working at Home]


An “Internet Lifestyle” means you get to do WHAT you want, WHEN you want, WITH the people you want. Would this be something that would appeal to you?Continue reading

Are you a Mom Who Wants to Work at Home?

We have already established how much it could benefit us more if we happen to earn more money while working at home and juggling over life at the same time. Members of the Empower Network Australia are entrepreneurs with either no experiences or just online marketing first timers who wanted build dynasties while they are young.

Over the past months, we have had women coming out of the their cubicles and decided to join us and work at home. Decisions like these are never easy especially when moms who have 3-4 kids and are taking care of the entire household.

Kids plus housework and a super job is just too much for a mom to handle.

Moms would certainly want to enjoy the time of their lives with their kids – in their best shape and not burn out from slaving away at their corporate lives.

Work at Home Mom Empower Network
see watermark for photo credit


Empower Network has certainly proven that not only men but also women can contribute to the family finances, nurture their filial bond and can still do that without clocking in and out at the office. We have supported a lot of mothers already and has established a network for these women who wants to consider other options that will make them earn more money.

This is your ticket to start becoming that supermom who is always home with kids and earn more money while working at home.

How to get started?

Many moms from the Empower Network team found themselves lucky to work at home and blessed with various jobs and money making opportunities that they couldn’t believe they have not thought of doing this years ago. We couldn’t wait to have you on board! Shoot me an email if you want to get started or just drop a comment here.

Meanwhile, let me show you how if others can do it, why can’t you –


Blogging Content Ideas

Make Money Blogging Empower Network

Just like every news, article and any journalistic medium is expected to inform, educate and entertain their readers, your website and blog should do the same. When your readers visit you, they should be able to stay in your site for as long as 2 minutes. Anything less than that means you might need to write more compelling stories for them to stay longer. (Read about how to capture your audience here).

When you are running and maintaining an online marketing business like Empower Network, content is your bread and butter.  You must reach out to your audience and guide them to the ins and outs of your business so that not only they will be interested to be part of it also but they will gladly share this to their friends and colleagues. Isn’t that hitting two birds with one stone?

Even the most brilliant of bloggers must also have their quiet moments. Can you relate? I sometimes find myself wondering how else to reach out and talk to my readers and engage them in a conversation that will help them achieve their dreams and goals.

Let me share with you some of the things I learned from Chris Record on brainstorming on blogging content ideas.

Talk about what you learned from Empower Network. Although the training and videos are embedded in the system for exclusive use to the members, you can help others who are not members of our team by sharing what you have learned. We have had members who didn’t know the first thing about blogging until they trained with us. It was an hallelujah moment to them! They couldn’t wait to tell others about their new skill – blogging.

Review the business. Review the products. The Empower Network, although it is already the best system I’ve known since birth, also could also some constructive criticism. What do you think needs improvement? What could we do to achieve more balance in your finances? How else can we make more money besides the 7-figure sitting in our banks everyday? Ha.

Comment on Trending News. Did someone just make $3,000 today? Did stocks go up? Did Facebook change their timeline again? Did Twitter announce their new ad platform? Things that matter and relate to your business could be interesting pieces to write about.

Hobbies and Pastime. Did you recently take up surfing? Did your parents buy you a new racing car? Your blog, even if this is something that helps you make more money even if you just writing and working at home, is also a personal journal of your everyday life. Break the habit by talking about this new pet you have, a new crochet design you created or the paint and canvass haul you hoarded the other day. Be human and interact and engage with your readers like one.

Internet Marketing Tips. This is what your readers keep coming back to read about – you and your expert advice, tips and guidance on internet marketing.

Hope this helps! I can always do another part II of this in detailed format but again – no duplicates and never plagiarize. Always create your own unique content and the rest will follow.

Make Money Blogging  Empower Network

The Weekends are Too Short

If you are reading this from the other side of the world, it is either your weekend is over or your weekend is going to be over in a matter of hours. What comes next after the weekend? Yes – slaving away again to your corporate life.

I used to remember what it was like to get up every Monday and go work. During the winter season does not alleviate such feeling also especially when you look outside the window and see it is still dark and snowing. It certainly makes you wish for longer weekends – or for every day to be a weekend!

What could certainly motivate you to just work at home and build your business there instead? When it is a Monday and your body just couldn’t will itself to move because you are not happy with your job? Or when it is a great day outside and you can just jump right into the beach with your dogs?


I’ve been building my business and working at home at the same for quite some time now. I fly out to places I want to go, I jump right into the beach and surf, I do not set an alarm and get up when the kids do. The last $625 I made overnight seems something other people are unlikely to achieve while surfing or doing their hobbies during the day.

How about we stop getting up every Monday and start planning right now how to live the life you wish you could while generating $$$ at the same time?

Here at Empower Network Australia, our team will singlehandedly direct you to that path. The choice to whether you will enjoy the weekend because of the two days off only or enjoy the entire week because you have all the time of the your life to make money and enjoy the free time will no longer creep up once you get out of that nightmare.

So which day of the week do you like: Saturday and Sunday because it is the weekend or Friday because of the advent of a weekend? Or how about liking all days of the week instead and no longer dreading Mondays? Join us today and witness how our team is now enjoying the luxury of having to eliminate Monday blues every week. Check out how we all can do it and so can you too!7 Figure Surfer Make Money Blogging | Empower Network Australia

More Ways to Capture Audience

Since the internet is a vital channel in almost every sector and not just constrained to the young, its reach grew in the last three years since 2009. There are a lot of studies in different countries show how the internet and shoppers have succumbed to this new form of retail and progressed to a development not really expected by marketers especially when the factors that contribute its growth are convenience and more choices to the consumer.

But can they stay interested for so long?

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]Learn all about internet marketing here[/pullquote]

The sheer volume of noise people created online, activities of competitors and well, recession, might be the challenges that marketers are faced with when it comes to advertising online.

Here in Empower Network Australia, we ensure that most of our online marketing campaigns capture a captive audience. Besides the training that we conduct to help our team, here in my 7 Figure Surfer, I also want to help out and perhaps push you to the right track in executing the 3rd C in Marketing – capturing the audience.

Try to keep your customer interested with your business and product. Just because you have already explained to them how your business works does not mean your education stops. They may not buy now but maybe a few weeks from now they will already start whipping out their credit cards. Constantly keep your audience in the loop and they will surely remember you when they finally decide.ListenToMusic

Go for the Big Fish. Focusing your efforts at the bottom of the hierarchy might be easy for you to reach and convert compared to those at the top. But would you rather talk to the “just considering” group than those already at the brand awareness stage?

Employ humor and inject opinions to your business page. Our Empower Network business page is cemented with the significant credo to inform and educate our audience with our system, policies and procedures  on how to get people to be on board. Entertainment is very important to make the user experience fun and engaging. Joke about current events. Tell a funny story about how your day went today. Show an objective comment in your page on recent events. As long as your news has personality, it makes connections to your audience easier and results to repeat visits or best, recommendations to new visitors.

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5 Steps on How to Start Working From Home

All over the world, people want more control over their lives by starting their own businesses at home and becoming their own bosses. A home office is becoming an “IT” location for generating extra money and being your primary source of income. When your career involves making your own hours, commuting to work in seconds and making your own choices and decisions as the boss of your own organization, you know you are in the right path.

  1. Create a work calendar and build your schedule around it. Back when you were still working in the office, you find yourself waking up early and dressing up everyday to get to work on time. Now that you’re working at home and the home is your office, create also routine that you can accustom to as your “work routine” to pay respects to your new career and business. If you have not practiced that, you will eventually tire of how loosely you treat your work hours and lose focus. Even if you can allocate four hours in the morning and continue working on another set of hours after grabbing a quick dinner date with your mom, always monitor and keep track of your schedule. It might take some time to adjust and handle time management but you will eventually take control of it in the future.Work at home Empower Network Australia
  2. Decide What Part of the House to Use and consider it as your “office”. The perfect working space should have your work essentials around it that can hold your business papers and office supplies or equipment. This working space should be comfortable and spacious enough for a desk, a table or counters. Your working space should be devoid of any distraction from family members, friends and pets that can easily come by and disturb you.
  3. Build a Realistic Budget. Working at home means you will also have to invest in your own office supplies and equipment. Say goodbye to the laptop your previous company gave and buy yourself a new one. Invest in a very durable headset for voice over the internet communications.  Other common and recurring expenses might be really fast broadband subscriptions that you should also consider. Working at home means you are going to be spending a lot of time online and any faulty internet connection might result to communication or sales breakdown for you.A home business without a budget is a money pit in the making. Before you spend a single cent on your business, figure out what you’ll need to buy, how much it will cost and where the money will come from.

4.       Dress the part. Working at home does not give you the license to be lazy. Even if no one will chastise you why you are in your pajamas while creating marketing drafts but staying in your pajamas will never work. Treat your home office with much seriousness as you would if your superior was just 3 doors away.

Did this help in making you realize how beneficial it is to work at home?

Here in Empower Network, our team strives hard to make it comfortable and easy it is for you when you begin your new career. Working at home and managing your own business is just a start – continuing to progress in the future is something that we get to hold hands with!

 Empower Network Australia by 7 Figure Surfer Scott Smith

Let us know how we can help you with getting you started with taking that leap of faith! Email us or subscribe to us here.

Internet Marketing Tip: Capture Your Audience

Online marketing is very tricky. In my months of experience with Empower Network Australia and online marketing in general, readers are getting smarter now. The onset of spam, free viruses and other online fanfare makes readers wary and cautious. They now need more than a tiny quip or a witty quote to get them hooked.

Empower Network’s 3CS of Marketing has proven that what you need to say should make your readers stay. The second “C” of marketing, which is to capture audience, should teach us how to not just place our audience in pegs but also how to grow their number more.

Using the Empower Network as our example, let us identify our target audience.

The answer should be: people who are online, people who need the motivation to earn more money, people who wanted to know how to make more money, and people who are openminded and are willing to learn new ways of making extra money. Customizing your content to a small but niche and targeted audience is more effective than reaching out to the online masses.

Research tells us that the average number of seconds of a visitors’ attention span online is eight. Within those precious 8 seconds, you must already capture their decision-making prowess and those first few seconds can really make a huge difference. Today’s generation that is born and raised with technology deeply developed during their formative years will always have a constant demand for increasingly interesting stimuli. To be able to grab and keep their attention on any content you employ, there are several factors to consider.

Do a quick review of your website, blog or business page. Is the content sufficient and compelling for your readers to make them hit page 2? Is your page easier to navigate, organized and void of complicated buttons or slideshows? Does your website load right away? Do your products match what they are they searching online? Does your content mean something to you?

Don’t let your system, processes and business confuse your audience and produce question marks after the eight seconds has passed. A reader’s bad or good experience can certainly impact their impression with you and what you have to offer. Form relationships, engage with your readers, solve questions and deliver the right message.

Try to become an expert in capturing your audience and at the same time remain competitive among the millions of blogs out there. Learn the discrepancies then adapt. There is always room for improvement in the writing and blogging industry.


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