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Just like every news, article and any journalistic medium is expected to inform, educate and entertain their readers, your website and blog should do the same. When your readers visit you, they should be able to stay in your site for as long as 2 minutes. Anything less than that means you might need to write more compelling stories for them to stay longer. (Read about how to capture your audience here).

When you are running and maintaining an online marketing business like Empower Network, content is your bread and butter.  You must reach out to your audience and guide them to the ins and outs of your business so that not only they will be interested to be part of it also but they will gladly share this to their friends and colleagues. Isn’t that hitting two birds with one stone?

Even the most brilliant of bloggers must also have their quiet moments. Can you relate? I sometimes find myself wondering how else to reach out and talk to my readers and engage them in a conversation that will help them achieve their dreams and goals.

Let me share with you some of the things I learned from Chris Record on brainstorming on blogging content ideas.

Talk about what you learned from Empower Network. Although the training and videos are embedded in the system for exclusive use to the members, you can help others who are not members of our team by sharing what you have learned. We have had members who didn’t know the first thing about blogging until they trained with us. It was an hallelujah moment to them! They couldn’t wait to tell others about their new skill – blogging.

Review the business. Review the products. The Empower Network, although it is already the best system I’ve known since birth, also could also some constructive criticism. What do you think needs improvement? What could we do to achieve more balance in your finances? How else can we make more money besides the 7-figure sitting in our banks everyday? Ha.

Comment on Trending News. Did someone just make $3,000 today? Did stocks go up? Did Facebook change their timeline again? Did Twitter announce their new ad platform? Things that matter and relate to your business could be interesting pieces to write about.

Hobbies and Pastime. Did you recently take up surfing? Did your parents buy you a new racing car? Your blog, even if this is something that helps you make more money even if you just writing and working at home, is also a personal journal of your everyday life. Break the habit by talking about this new pet you have, a new crochet design you created or the paint and canvass haul you hoarded the other day. Be human and interact and engage with your readers like one.

Internet Marketing Tips. This is what your readers keep coming back to read about – you and your expert advice, tips and guidance on internet marketing.

Hope this helps! I can always do another part II of this in detailed format but again – no duplicates and never plagiarize. Always create your own unique content and the rest will follow.

Make Money Blogging  Empower Network

The Weekends are Too Short

If you are reading this from the other side of the world, it is either your weekend is over or your weekend is going to be over in a matter of hours. What comes next after the weekend? Yes – slaving away again to your corporate life.

I used to remember what it was like to get up every Monday and go work. During the winter season does not alleviate such feeling also especially when you look outside the window and see it is still dark and snowing. It certainly makes you wish for longer weekends – or for every day to be a weekend!

What could certainly motivate you to just work at home and build your business there instead? When it is a Monday and your body just couldn’t will itself to move because you are not happy with your job? Or when it is a great day outside and you can just jump right into the beach with your dogs?


I’ve been building my business and working at home at the same for quite some time now. I fly out to places I want to go, I jump right into the beach and surf, I do not set an alarm and get up when the kids do. The last $625 I made overnight seems something other people are unlikely to achieve while surfing or doing their hobbies during the day.

How about we stop getting up every Monday and start planning right now how to live the life you wish you could while generating $$$ at the same time?

Here at Empower Network Australia, our team will singlehandedly direct you to that path. The choice to whether you will enjoy the weekend because of the two days off only or enjoy the entire week because you have all the time of the your life to make money and enjoy the free time will no longer creep up once you get out of that nightmare.

So which day of the week do you like: Saturday and Sunday because it is the weekend or Friday because of the advent of a weekend? Or how about liking all days of the week instead and no longer dreading Mondays? Join us today and witness how our team is now enjoying the luxury of having to eliminate Monday blues every week. Check out how we all can do it and so can you too!7 Figure Surfer Make Money Blogging | Empower Network Australia