Plan On Becoming Your Own Boss

So you’ve decided to leave your job and become your own boss. Working on your own hours and in clothes you’ve worn last night and having your own free brewed coffee sounds like a dream come true. Now what?

You know that the rewards are great albeit better yet the work is equally the same. How do you plan this career move?

EXAMINE YOUR FINANCES. Planning entails mapping out your business plan with the right finances to back you up with.CartoonPlanB

STABILITY AND DISCIPLINE CHECK. This is not just about checking whether you are emotionally ready to be on your own and become your own boss. This is also about looking behind you and realizing that you have a support system ready to back you up.

NETWORK AND SOCIALIZE. Talk with friends, colleagues or business leaders about their experience in starting a business. Never burn bridges. Keep those contacts you thought you weren’t ever going to reach out to them and consider keeping them on file. You can never tell when you might run into them in the future especially when can relate to your new line of work or business.

BE RESOURCEFUL. Take advantage of community resources, such as local educational institutions, state or county economic development agencies and the chamber of commerce. Review, advise and organise insurances that you will require to protect your business and yourself.

TRANSITION IS KEY. As you build your business, you need to train staff who are going to be replacing you with and also train the staff you are going to be working with in the future. When you have been in the corporate world all your life, try to incorporate the work-at-home surroundings in your daily routine. Perhaps devote a small corner in the house as your mini office or cube. The next day, decorate it with filing cabinets and organize files like how you would in your previous cubicle. If you can, ask your boss if you can start working part-time until you can finally transition at ease to your new working nook at home.

The best part about leaving the corporate, setting out on your own and becoming your own employer is that the more you will eventually put more effort into it, the more you will transition into it effortlessly. Take off some of the pressure and understand that it will not be an easy feat especially when you have an employer who wouldn’t understand why you have to take some time off work and fill in less hours than usual.

Figure out the best time to quit and start from there. Understand the rewards. Who knows – you might be the best boss you have ever worked for in your life!