Types of Bosses in the Workplace

We have talked before about what kind of work at home boss are you and how this leader in the working environment is a character in her or his own way. Let’s humour ourselves for a bit and identify the kinds of bosses we have worked with in our past life. Find someone to identify with? Leave comment below!

The Robot. If he is not thinking about work, he is thinking about work. This type of boss has mechanically tuned himself to carry out his job and expects the same from you, too. And seeing him outside when you are out with friends for cocktails does count as a work day for him when he suddenly asks you for pending reports. You rarely see or hear him discuss anything else in life besides work.

The Paranoid. If The Robot tunes out to anything else but Excel sheets in front of you, the Paranoid Boss breathes down your neck and barks orders every minute. He constantly seeks out deadlines every minute and shots down your ideas because they can never compete with your competitors.

The Douche. Misfits like The Douche makes employees wonder she made it to the top. She is so slow she makes innocent 4-year olds look smart.

The MIA. Bosses like the MIA step out of the office in the pretext of official business. And never comes back. She is hardly there you would often wonder if you are just imagining the email you received from her yesterday.

The Delegator. The delegator or the task master is never good with working so much that he survives simple tasks by giving them to his employees and letting them take care of it. Although he delegates so much work to his employees, he manages to keep the company afloat by having things done on time.


The Big Ego. This type of boss is so self-centered he thinks everything good that happened to the company is all because of his doing. The Big Ego makes you work hard and gets all the credit from your work. He does not give recognition at all to you nor to any employee he has taken the contribution from. Not only he talks about himself and his accomplishments but also he makes certain everyone in the company knows about it.

The Merciless. Judging from the sight of her since Day 1, you knew she will make your life hell. Calling her a slavedriver would be too kind and you lost count on the number of times you attempted to hurl and quit your job. The Merciless also lives up to her name – doesn’t sympathize during family emergencies, hardly approves your leaves and shrugs when you mention a huge crisis at work.

The Dream Boss. Ah, the ideal boss everyone wants to work for. Nice, understanding, helpful, reliable and kind, the Dream Boss treats you with respect as he also expects the same treatment from his staff. This is the kind of boss whom you will always look forward to seeing to work everyday.

Now that we have enumerated the types of bosses we know (and I’m pretty sure there are more out there), the Empower Network Australia makes certain you are not just going to be your own boss – but the best type of boss you know.

Drop us a line or message me and I’ll help you get started on being one. Watch this video here.

–         Scott