Why Some Successful Businesses Start From Home

A story I read recently inspired me from this article

DEL MAR — Amanda Dickerson didn’t grow up dreaming about driving a bus. She fell into the job years ago and has relied on the steady work to pay her bills ever since.

But the 31-year-old Lakeside woman is determined to become her own boss, in charge of her own time and managing her own business.

Dickerson took her first step toward self-reliance Saturday at the Work at Home Business Expo, where she invested $75 in a starter kit to become a Mary Kay Cosmetics representative.

“I just wanted to find something that interested me,” she said. “I’m at work 12 hours and that’s a long day, a long week. Hopefully this will give me more time to spend with my family.”

Amanda is just one of those who joined the expo and is one of the thousands on the lookout for having a home-based income.

See how I got out of that nightmare

You might say Happy days are here again because economic reports show that the outlook reveal a huge surge in people working at home and getting more from it than slaving away at their cubicles. There are millions of home-based businesses across the country and we owe all that to technology. This means we, even as small groups and businesses. can even compete with large scale corporations and businesses.

The secret here is having the mentality to condition yourself that you CAN leave the corners of your office and make it bigger in your homes or outside of it.

Now that I’ve been in Empower Network, the products and their system that have helped me achieve financial freedom over the past few months. It really isn’t that much of a rocket science – we all have our fair share of hard work in using the system (which I will extensive explain and review soon!) and just like any other job – a reward will definitely pay off your efforts.

It might be negative of us to think that just because the recent recession means no job is 100% secure but we cannot help but also be independent from that notion and start building our financial dynasties – and ENJOYING them too!

7Figure Surfer Has The Answer

If you are inspired, then let me help. Ask questions and you will be enlightened!

The Weekends are Too Short

If you are reading this from the other side of the world, it is either your weekend is over or your weekend is going to be over in a matter of hours. What comes next after the weekend? Yes – slaving away again to your corporate life.

I used to remember what it was like to get up every Monday and go work. During the winter season does not alleviate such feeling also especially when you look outside the window and see it is still dark and snowing. It certainly makes you wish for longer weekends – or for every day to be a weekend!

What could certainly motivate you to just work at home and build your business there instead? When it is a Monday and your body just couldn’t will itself to move because you are not happy with your job? Or when it is a great day outside and you can just jump right into the beach with your dogs?


I’ve been building my business and working at home at the same for quite some time now. I fly out to places I want to go, I jump right into the beach and surf, I do not set an alarm and get up when the kids do. The last $625 I made overnight seems something other people are unlikely to achieve while surfing or doing their hobbies during the day.

How about we stop getting up every Monday and start planning right now how to live the life you wish you could while generating $$$ at the same time?

Here at Empower Network Australia, our team will singlehandedly direct you to that path. The choice to whether you will enjoy the weekend because of the two days off only or enjoy the entire week because you have all the time of the your life to make money and enjoy the free time will no longer creep up once you get out of that nightmare.

So which day of the week do you like: Saturday and Sunday because it is the weekend or Friday because of the advent of a weekend? Or how about liking all days of the week instead and no longer dreading Mondays? Join us today and witness how our team is now enjoying the luxury of having to eliminate Monday blues every week. Check out how we all can do it and so can you too!7 Figure Surfer Make Money Blogging | Empower Network Australia

Types of Bosses in the Workplace

We have talked before about what kind of work at home boss are you and how this leader in the working environment is a character in her or his own way. Let’s humour ourselves for a bit and identify the kinds of bosses we have worked with in our past life. Find someone to identify with? Leave comment below!

The Robot. If he is not thinking about work, he is thinking about work. This type of boss has mechanically tuned himself to carry out his job and expects the same from you, too. And seeing him outside when you are out with friends for cocktails does count as a work day for him when he suddenly asks you for pending reports. You rarely see or hear him discuss anything else in life besides work.

The Paranoid. If The Robot tunes out to anything else but Excel sheets in front of you, the Paranoid Boss breathes down your neck and barks orders every minute. He constantly seeks out deadlines every minute and shots down your ideas because they can never compete with your competitors.

The Douche. Misfits like The Douche makes employees wonder she made it to the top. She is so slow she makes innocent 4-year olds look smart.

The MIA. Bosses like the MIA step out of the office in the pretext of official business. And never comes back. She is hardly there you would often wonder if you are just imagining the email you received from her yesterday.

The Delegator. The delegator or the task master is never good with working so much that he survives simple tasks by giving them to his employees and letting them take care of it. Although he delegates so much work to his employees, he manages to keep the company afloat by having things done on time.


The Big Ego. This type of boss is so self-centered he thinks everything good that happened to the company is all because of his doing. The Big Ego makes you work hard and gets all the credit from your work. He does not give recognition at all to you nor to any employee he has taken the contribution from. Not only he talks about himself and his accomplishments but also he makes certain everyone in the company knows about it.

The Merciless. Judging from the sight of her since Day 1, you knew she will make your life hell. Calling her a slavedriver would be too kind and you lost count on the number of times you attempted to hurl and quit your job. The Merciless also lives up to her name – doesn’t sympathize during family emergencies, hardly approves your leaves and shrugs when you mention a huge crisis at work.

The Dream Boss. Ah, the ideal boss everyone wants to work for. Nice, understanding, helpful, reliable and kind, the Dream Boss treats you with respect as he also expects the same treatment from his staff. This is the kind of boss whom you will always look forward to seeing to work everyday.

Now that we have enumerated the types of bosses we know (and I’m pretty sure there are more out there), the Empower Network Australia makes certain you are not just going to be your own boss – but the best type of boss you know.

Drop us a line or message me and I’ll help you get started on being one. Watch this video here.

–         Scott


Why Own A Business Than A Job

One short term solution to a lifelong problem is to be employed. Risking not having a job could be a fatal mistake. Financial struggles will outpace your paycheck and these jobs were designed to make you dependent on them – for life.

An employee is bound with a contract with his employer which makes security an attractive element to employment. Income is always guaranteed until many employers subject their employees to restructuring, downsizing and retrenching which led these employees to consider if It is better to run their own business or be employed at all.

Both roads have pros and cons and not every choice is always the right for everyone. Employment vs. owning your own business sn’t a formulaic decision that comes out the same for everyone. But let me let you in  on  a secret – why owning a business such as a  business network in Australia is better than being employed.worker and businessman

You Live The Dream. Because you do not have to implement other people’s dreams and goals, you get to live it. When you run your own business, you get to fully carry out your dream. You are free to utilise your unique gifts and talents when you have no one to supervise your every move. Being employed in your own business makes you capable of doing what you are passionate about.

You are in control. This is definitely one of the biggest attractions of business But while you will have the power to set your own hours and style of working, you’ll find yourself working much harder, and longer, than you did for someone else.

By being the boss, you create a balance in your life. Got an appointment at the dentist? Forgot the groceries? You can pretty much do all of those and still carry on with your workload. Not only will you not have someone to consult to when you need to take a break but also you can create more time for those you love most and do activities you enjoy. Balancing work and life is a healthy activity and when you run your own business instead of being employed, you are able to prioritize them.

Everything you do is a learning experience. There are no mistakes but only lessons. Learning all of that makes you become a better entrepreneur and may even pass on that lesson to others.

The rewards are overwhelming. Just establish a goal and when you are going to achieve it. Success means you also encourage others to do the same.  

If you’re looking for an honest, ethical and legitimate way to generate a full time income from home, join us! I am sure you’ve never thought of asking yourself that question. Don’t wait till that time to find out, it would be too late then; now is the best time to start.  Start now here.