Are You Fit To Work From Home?

A work from home career or business, no matter how attractive it is to everyone, may not be for everybody who is not willing to make ends meet. There are several conditions and factors to take into consideration before one embarks on this unfamiliar territory of employment. I wouldn’t be surprised if I meet people who are not really keen into leaving their comfort zones and starting a new life. Watch this video and find out how I started my work from home career here.

Apparently, there are also others who have cracked the code to successfully running a business at home. Take a look into your personality and see if you can handle this new work at home career.  If you answered yes to all of the questions below, then you know you are ready, fit and able to sustain your work from home career.

  • Do you know how fix and manage your schedules?
  • Can you discipline yourself to not procrastinate?
  • Do you have excellent work ethics?
  • Can you multitask? Are you multi-talented?
  • Are you comfortable working alone or do you constantly feel the need to be with other people?
  • Does my family support and acknowledge my home-based franchise or small business?
  • Do you know how to communicate well when visual feedback is limited?
  • Do you have the necessary space and facilities to operate a business from home?
  • Is this office space conducive enough for work?
  • Is my office space not easily accessible by my family or pets?
  • How motivated are you in running your own business at home?
  • Do you know how to fight the urge to buy milk, pay bills or other errands?
  • Are you willing to set boundaries with your family & friends whenever you are in work mode?
  • Will you be able to separate work life and home life?  

Are You Fit To Work From Home?

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While there are millions of other questions to ask yourself on how ready and able you are to devote yourself to building a work from home career or business, the one key thing to note is how functional your work from home space is inside your home. Your space should be devoid of interruptions and distractions to ensure maximum productivity.

The people around you must also respect and honor the commitment it takes to manage a work from home business and offer you the peace and quiet you need when you are at work. When you know you got yourself all figured out, running a business from home can be quite rewarding! Think you are ready? Read then the 5 Steps to Start Working From Home.

How To Begin Your Work From Home Career

Back before when we have discussed how working from home is the new era, it seems like we have struck a nerve from our readers both negatively and positively. We cannot help but also have questions from people who are not certain about their future when they work from home and join Empower Network Australia. Fortunately, there are people who are open-minded about the concept of becoming your own boss and building their enterprise while working from home who gave us quite positive feedbacks about it.

Apart from working at home is anyone’s dream, there are so many reasons that I can write on how fun, beneficial and productive working from home is. I couldn’t give more emphasis on its advantages but I also can understand how taking and making the first step to get started is the hardest part.

Start on your skillset. Do you know what kind of work do you want to do? Decide on a career path and start from there. You might have been in the corporate world so much you can’t think of a career to embark on that actually makes YOU the boss. But in reality, your skills should be something you capitalize on. What is the reason that makes your former boss pay you wages every month for? Use that! If you have been writing for the company for years, why not become a freelance writer or set up a firm where you can house writers and have companies pay them for hire per hour. Try WordPress or Blogger and make money off blogging. See how you can do this by watching this video here.

Businessman Stretching While Working on His Laptop

Research, study and train. Leaving your corporate life can be daunting so make sure you have enough ammunition at hand to take the first step out of it. Look up on opportunities and different ways on making money while at home. Say, if you decided to start up a blog and capitalize on it, check out tutorials on making blogs and setting up money-making widgets from affiliates and ads. Apply all these research and train yourself on becoming very good at what you are currently teaching yourself with. Master tests online such as grammar, spelling, writing or typing tests. Get certificates from authorized institutions such as Google if you are into internet and online marketing.

Set up now. Furnish copies of certificates, permits, recommendations and referrals. Allot a small working space at home where you have your computer, internet, and phone all geared up and ready. Create a calendar for tasks you will do in the first 3 months of being a work-from-home employer to garner enough leverage in the playing field.

Now that you have decided that working from home is something you can build your career on, then get started on how to work from home and setting up your home office for your Empower Network business in the process. Hey, it was never easy. Check out how I started here by watching this video.

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Why Working at Home is More Productive

In our line of business and work, we have tremendously enjoyed the perks of working at home and building our empire at the comforts of well, our comfort zone. I couldn’t stress it enough how much I would like to help, coach, advice and bring people the kind of success that I am now in.


I now own my own time. I see to it that just because I am mostly working from home and enjoying my financial freedom without waking up at 8am to beat the rush hour traffic heading to an office. How, then, you ask, can working at home is more productive compared to being inside an office that binds you to your chair until the clock strikes out?

There are others who compel themselves into thinking that working from home is productive when in reality – it really is. There is no rocket science to it how it works. It makes people much more efficient because it allows us to deal with the littlest chores at home while getting the work done at the same time.

You see, a large percentage of the city’s population do their groceries after work – which is usually around 6pm onwards. When you get inside the supermarket, I wouldn’t be surprised if you get out as fast as you got in. It is a nightmare shopping for groceries when everyone else also has the same idea at the same time. Because of the flexibility of my time, I can do grocery shopping before the rush hour strikes and leave as quickly as I came.

And don’t get me started on bank hours. If you start working earlier, you can pop by the bank a little too early than the cut-off time for banks to close. These lull times make you queue faster and shorter.

See – what do you think will happen if more people can do that? We can all possibly eliminate both human and vehicular traffic. The whole point of working at home AND being productive at the same time is to find a balance where you can fit your work life into the rest of your life – while being EFFICIENT at the same time.

Convinced so far? The next time you get distracted by the background noise of your officemate behind you who is chattering away and spilling coffee all over his desk or the next you roll your eyes over the long queue at the supermarket during rush hour – think about gaining traction in the telecommuting business and build your empire at home.

More stories of how to increase productivity here. Ciao!



How Work at Home Moms Save Money

We have discussed before the savings of work at home entrepreneurs and the list just keeps on growing. It turns out – mom’s who work at home also get to save and do more! When mothers choose the internet lifestyle and decided to become work-at-home moms, there are tips for them to save money to do away with extravagant expenses. They can easily plan and maximize their time with the family this way.

work-at-home-mom copy

1. Create Playdates at Home. One of the best part about being a stay at home entrepreneur is the amount of time you can easily spend with your kids. Instead of brining them to the arcade or spend so much at the mall all the time, schedule it to once a week and create activities at home.
2.   Cook Meals at home. Limit going out of the house and spending so much money on restaurants and diners. Be creative and organize meals that they look forward to every day. Monday could be Asian Fusion while Tuesday could be Mexican food. The possibilities are endless!

3.   Invest in museum, pool, zoo or library memberships. Turn playdates into something educational while you capitalize your income on joining these establishments. It will save you money if you like taking the kids regularly to these places. Visit also places that do not require memberships and cost absolutely nothing such as the neighborhood playground and parks.

4.   Visit the bank once a week. Withdraw money every Monday and stretch until your next visit to the ATM – which is a week after.

5.   Clip coupons. Clip and trade coupons and keep the ones that you need. Trade with your girlfriend if you want and swap items that you can use yourself.

Being a work from home mother sometimes means finding new ways to keep the family entertained. If you consider spending a week with the family and the costs it entails, it definitely helps keeping track on significant ways to save money while building your business at home.

Have you decided yet if you want to be a mom who works in the office or a mom who works from home? More tips only here at the

Work from Home – A New Era

Now that we have established how large the percentage of people working at home is lately, it clearly is the new era of employment – at the comforts of our home.

The brouhaha over Yahoo!’s latest policy on ending employees’ work-at-home standing riled a lot of work-at-home workers who thought otherwise.

Has Yahoo! gone backwards to the stone age?

Working at home not only increases productivity (I didn’t even realize I’ve been working for 10 hours straight!) but drive us to work harder. When companies give their employees the option to work at home they will all the more gain an intensely loyal, hard-working employee.

Communication and collaboration will be always be important in the work place but then if the absolute best place to work is at work – everything else will follow. Working at home requires less desk space, less electricity and less rent. Therefore, everything else is inexpensive.cartoon_girl_with_laptopA

There are other kinds of jobs that are best done at home, too. Others are operational, some are rather creative. Research said that IT staff, sales representatives, business development executives, marketing and copywriting staff were most likely to work at home. If you think you belong to this industry, I certainly cannot see why you can’t join in the workforce – at home.

Haven’t decided yet if you should work at home or not? Watch this video and find out how I managed to pry myself from the corporate world to becoming one of the top earners in this industry.

Savings From Working At Home

A recent article gave me enough ideas to share to you about the benefits of working at home. Apart from the many reasons why we love to work at home, there is another thing that we missed but will truly appreciate not being deducted from our wages – TAXES AND OTHER COSTS!

save work at home

Normally we hardly bring up taxes but how about mentioning the few things that we are going to be free from? There are A LOT of tax advantages and savings to working at home and building your own business.  Do you know when you work at home it also saves you thousands of dollars? Here are the few items that you are going to be free from deductions of or pocket the extra money from:

  1. Commute – People who commute (or drive) usually take 25minutes one way. Add that to your round trip toll fees, parking fees and gas, you can pretty much save all those money every day.
  2. Office Supplies – How many bond paper do you need? Will a printer be required? Need anything to staple, cut or pin? Hardly.
  3. Meals – Daily lunches with officemates and your daily trips to get your Starbucks coffee fix will be a thing of the past. Home cooked meals are also the best — not to mention healthier!
  4. Work Clothes – Working at home means fewer dressier clothes! You wouldn’t be compelled to shell out more just to look corporate. The most taxing thing about leaving home for work is the time spent for dressing up. Maximize that extra time instead to work.
  5. Office Parties and Fundraisers – You know how your officemates make you pay extra for gifts to colleagues you barely even know? There will no annoying officemate to give your hard earned money to!

While working at home is not without the usual start up costs such as paying for utilities, internet subscription and a really good ergonomically built chair, these costs will be and can be defrayed by the savings you pocket every month. Switching from office life to telecommuting, these are the best savings you can possibly enjoy when working at home.

Want to work at home but not sure how to start?
Watch this awesome video on how it all started for me here.

Are you a Mom Who Wants to Work at Home?

We have already established how much it could benefit us more if we happen to earn more money while working at home and juggling over life at the same time. Members of the Empower Network Australia are entrepreneurs with either no experiences or just online marketing first timers who wanted build dynasties while they are young.

Over the past months, we have had women coming out of the their cubicles and decided to join us and work at home. Decisions like these are never easy especially when moms who have 3-4 kids and are taking care of the entire household.

Kids plus housework and a super job is just too much for a mom to handle.

Moms would certainly want to enjoy the time of their lives with their kids – in their best shape and not burn out from slaving away at their corporate lives.

Work at Home Mom Empower Network
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Empower Network has certainly proven that not only men but also women can contribute to the family finances, nurture their filial bond and can still do that without clocking in and out at the office. We have supported a lot of mothers already and has established a network for these women who wants to consider other options that will make them earn more money.

This is your ticket to start becoming that supermom who is always home with kids and earn more money while working at home.

How to get started?

Many moms from the Empower Network team found themselves lucky to work at home and blessed with various jobs and money making opportunities that they couldn’t believe they have not thought of doing this years ago. We couldn’t wait to have you on board! Shoot me an email if you want to get started or just drop a comment here.

Meanwhile, let me show you how if others can do it, why can’t you –


Work from Home

Reasons to Work from Home


Not many people would imagine their dream job could be in the setting of their own home. A vast majority of the population is conditioned to get a job, corporate or otherwise, in a facility or establishment outside the home because home and work are suppose to be two separate elements in a person’s life. But times are changing, these days the two elements are quickly and effortlessly becoming one in the same for many individuals. It may be the sign of the times, or maybe people are just getting smarter, more capable and more efficient realizing that they don’t need to be stuck in an office 8 hours a day to make a good living.

Thanks to technology and the advances of the internet, making money from home is more possible now than ever before. More and more people are making the switch from office life to home life and have never been more satisfied with their decision to do so. Below are just some good reasons why anyone would be compelled to make such a life changing decision to work from home.

1) Cut cost on commuting and traveling. Not only do you save money from not taking the bus, the train or a taxi to work, but you can also lessen your carbon footprint by staying home to work. Also, with the rise of gasoline prices you’ll save even more money by not having to frequently fill up your tank.

2) Many individuals find that working from home is less stressful and provides a more relaxing environment. Being comfortable in your own work setting has great long term effects on your mental, emotional and physical health.

3) With the time you save from not driving to and fro, commuting from here to there, and sitting for hours in bumper to bumper traffic, you have more quality time to spend doing the things you like with the people you care about.

4) Depending on your line of work, you are basically your own boss when you work from home. This means you can schedule your downtime accordingly, take as much vacation time as you want, and attend to personal matters and special occasions as you see fit. And you only have to take orders from yourself which can be quite empowering and liberating at the same time.

5) There are no income ceilings when you work for yourself. The possibilities are endless when you don’t need to compete over raises, promotions and bonuses. Set your own goals, your own income and your own retirement. People who work from home tend to retire earlier and with more expendable finances then those who are stuck in office jobs and other similar institutions.

Maybe after reading some of the reasons mentioned above, you too are also considering the same choice. But before you act on your decision, make sure it’s the best one for you. Working from home isn’t for everyone, but for those whose lives can greatly improve from it there’s never a better time to start then now.