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7 Figure Surfer is like nothing else under the sun. I've worked online for four years now. A lot of courses don't have the actionable steps needed to actually get results in your business. I can't say enough about 7 Figure Surfer they are the bomb.


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Cindy Scott

Hey Scott I wanted to touch base with you & let you know that things have been going amazingly well for me. My mission/purpose has been moving forward at a fast pace & good things are happening!! I am so excited to keep you in the loop because if it weren't for you and Kylie I would never gotten this far! So thank you both so very much!! i love been able to be a part of your group and continuing to move forward, I am so grateful for your help and guidance! May the Lord Bless you in amazing ways!! Much Love!

Ming D.

Thanks, Scott Smith. I was confused earlier when someone asked me to check on another internet marketing business model. Don't like to make a comparison and it's no end to it. Stay focus on the passion and don't get distracted by another business model. Thanks again.


Thanks, Scott. Without your guidance and friendship mate, I would have stayed floundering. I can't thank you enough. You're a Bloody Legend...

Aida E.

Very inspiring what you presented earlier, will definitely work on it. Thank you...