“You’re either going to build your dream or someone else’s, so you might as well build your own” (Christopher La Brec)

A story I read recently inspired me from this article

DEL MAR — Amanda Dickerson didn’t grow up dreaming about driving a bus. She fell into the job years ago and has relied on the steady work to pay her bills ever since.

But the 31-year-old Lakeside woman is determined to become her own boss, in charge of her own time and managing her own business.

Dickerson took her first step toward self-reliance Saturday at the Work at Home Business Expo, where she invested $75 in a starter kit to become a Mary Kay Cosmetics representative.

“I just wanted to find something that interested me,” she said. “I’m at work 12 hours and that’s a long day, a long week. Hopefully this will give me more time to spend with my family.”

Amanda is just one of those who joined the expo and is one of the thousands on the lookout for having a home-based income.

See how I got out of that nightmare

You might say Happy days are here again because economic reports show that the outlook reveal a huge surge in people working at home and getting more from it than slaving away at their cubicles. There are millions of home-based businesses across the country and we owe all that to technology. This means we, even as small groups and businesses. can even compete with large scale corporations and businesses.

The secret here is having the mentality to condition yourself that you CAN leave the corners of your office and make it bigger in your homes or outside of it.

Now that I’ve been in Empower Network, the products and their system that have helped me achieve financial freedom over the past few months. It really isn’t that much of a rocket science – we all have our fair share of hard work in using the system (which I will extensive explain and review soon!) and just like any other job – a reward will definitely pay off your efforts.

It might be negative of us to think that just because the recent recession means no job is 100% secure but we cannot help but also be independent from that notion and start building our financial dynasties – and ENJOYING them too!

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